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June/July 2010

In this Issue
1. Message from Chairperson
3. Building
4. Religious
5. PR & Community Services

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Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays and anniversaries will be celebrated every 3rd Friday of the month with cutting of a Cake.

Please join us this month on Friday, 23rd July 2010 after the deewan smapti, and next month on Friday 27th August

New Kitchen Celebrations
Please join us for deewan on Sunday August 1, 2010 and join in the festivities to celebrate the opening of SEWA's new kitchen.

Picnic at Six Flags on
Saturday August 14

Please get your tickets before July 31. Read more about it.

Ride to Gurudwara Sahib

If you need a ride to Gurdwara Sahib during Friday & Sunday deewans, please email us or call 404.468.8528, and we will be glad to arrange a ride for you.

Alternatively you may call S. Angrez Singh jee at 770.335.2859, who has generously offered his services to those needing a ride to Gurdwara Sahib

Use the new symbol

This is the new symbol of the Indian Rupee (INR). It was approved by India's cabinet on July 15, 2010, after holding a competition that drew more than 3,000 entries.

Take a capital roman letter “R,” subtract the vertical spine, and add two Euro-like horizontal lines at the top. It also resembles the “Ra” character in Hindi. The new symbol, therefore, has both Indian and international flavor. Lets wait to get the symbol on our computers.

This is a historical branding opportunity for the Indian economy to stand out among international investors, and other countries who also call their currency the rupee.

We wish the Indian Rupee continued stability and strength amongst International currencies.

Message from Chairperson

Jasbir Kaur Guliani

Waheguru jee ka khalsa Waheguru jee kee fateh

It was wonderful to see everyone at the commemoration of Shaheedi Gurpurb of  5th Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, was the embodiment of Godly devotion, Selfless Service and Universal Love. He was the treasure of celestial knowledge and spiritual excellence. He stood steadfastly for the principles he believed in, sacrificed his own life, and attained an unparalleled martyrdom in the history of mankind.

"Tera kia meetha lagei  Har Nam padarath Nanak mangei."
(Asa Mohalla 5, p-394)

'Sweet be Thy Will, my Lord Nanak beseecheth the gift of Nam.

Some of the highlights of Guru Ji's life:
  • Guru Ji contributed 2218 hymns to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  • Author of Sukhmani Sahib Bani – Prayer for Peace.
  • Compiled and installed the first holy Sikh Book, called the Adi Granth.
  • First Sikh Guru to be martyred.

Hundreds of thousands of princely pleasures are enjoyed, If the True Guru bestows His Glance of Grace.

With Waheguru ji's Blessings, faith and support, you have done it again. You now have a debt free state-of-the-art kitchen at your Gurdwara Sahib. On Sunday June 20, many of you witnessed the making of Kadha Prashad in our new kitchen. It was made possible with your Tan, Man and Dhan dee Seva.
We are very thankful to our Building committee, who led the effort for last several months to get all the construction done within budget, in a timely manner, to meet Gurdwara’s requirements.

No words are adequate to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your support in making the kitchen possible and debt free. May Waheguru’s blessings be upon all.

Celebrations for the opening of  the New Kitchen are going to be held at the SEWA Gurdwara on Sunday August 1, 2010. You are cordially invited to attend the celebrations with your family and friends.

Guru Fateh,
Jasbir Kaur Guliani
With Waheguru’s grace and your generosity, the new kitchen has been constructed without incurring any additional debt. Sangat has so far generously donated over $218,000 and pledged an additional $7,500. Please send in your pledges immediately, so that we are able to pay off the expenses of building the new kitchen as the bills come due during July. The cost breakdown is as follows:

The main focus of the Building committee for last two months has been on the Kitchen construction project. We are happy to report that the construction progressed very smoothly without any major delays in spite of very rainy weather conditions.

The kitchen appliances were graciously contributed by sangat, and have been properly installed for use in Guru’s kitchen.

The official inspections have been successfully completed, and we are expecting the Certificate of Completion by mid-July.

Celebrations for the successful completion of the Kitchen construction are scheduled for Sunday August 1, 2010 at SEWA Gurdwara Sahib.  Please plan to attend the celebrations with your family and friends.


http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2741/4541324351_defd1eb1e9_m.jpgRaagi Jatha of Bhai Kamaljit Singh jee enthralled the sangat with keertan since April 2010. We thank them for their service at SEWA Gurdwara Sahib, and hope they can visit us again in the future. Thank you all for your valuable support and feedback.

Guru Arjan Dev jee Shaheedi Gurpurab 2010

Whoever meditates on Guru Arjun Dayv, shall not have to pass 
through the painful womb of reincarnation ever again

Guru Arjan Dev jee's shaheedi diwas was commemorated with a special deewan on Wednesday June 16 2010, followed by Akhand paath from 18th - 20th June where samooh sangat along with the raagi jatha participated in reciting Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj. On Sunday, 20th June we did ardaas and then prepared prashaad in the new kitchen, followed by special keertan deewan

Learning Sikh History/Events

We encourage everyone to give small presentation/speech/poem on a particular event/eminent personality in the Sikh history. S. Amarjit Singh Duggal recently gave presentation on 1984 ghallughara, Banda Singh Bahadar, Guru Hargobind jee. This is a great opportunity to learn and teach others too.  If anyone needs any help in preparing the speech/presentation feel free to access SEWA Library or contact the Religious committee at sewageorgia@gmail.com, we will be glad to help you out

Upcoming Event: Sojh 2010

After a grand success of the SOJH workshop in 2009, we are ready again to organize this event with Guru's Grace in September 2010, on Guru Granth Sahib jee's first prakash diwas. This workshop will help us (especially the younger of us) to interact with Bani. The overall structure of the event will remain the same with an exciting after event for felicitation of the participants. Stay tuned for more details.

Upcoming Event: Gurmat Sangeet Darbar/ Gurmat Sangeet Workshop
In October 2010 we will be inviting, gurmat sangeet jathas from Boston, Toronto, UK for a weekend of Gurmat Sangeet Darbar/Gurmat Sangeet Workshop. These keertaniyas are well known for their abilities to do keertan using classical instruments like dilruba, sarangi, taus, so on and so forth, which were used during our Sikh guru's times. There will a day's workshop which will focus on the basics of Gurmat Sangeet, raagas & classical instruments.

PR & Community Service (PRCS)

Sewa with Guru’s grace fills us with Love, selflessness and compassion by GIVING. This is a perfect recipe for happiness and realization of self. Sewa can be performed at any age and in any form.

There are many ways to do sewa such as Langar, Deewan, Paath, Ardaas, Prakash, Sukhaasaan, cleaning, helping the less fortunate in the community with different projects etc. We hope that Guru is kind enough to inspire all of us for this sewa. We kindly request samooh sangat members to contribute in any form or manner they see fit. We welcome any suggestions. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the SEWADAARs if you wish to be part of or lead any such activity.

Congratulations Graduates

SEWA congratulates our sangat’s students and their parents on their graduation. As a wise person said :
The future lies before you
Like a field of driven snow,
Be careful how you tread it,
For every step will show.

Kabir Singh Dhada graduated from Northview High School, Johns Creek, GA and will be attending Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech) as a Chemistry major.

Harshaan Singh Sethi graduated from North Springs High School and will be attending the University of Georgia (UGA). We wish him all the best in continuing his studies and his football prowess.

Ravi Singh graduated from Northview High School and will be continuing her studies in India.

Fatehdeep Singh graduated from Dunwoody High School and will be attending Georgia State University (GSU).

Angad Singh Chawla graduated from Northview High School at Johns Creek and will be joining Georgia Tech this fall in August 2010.

May Waheguru’s blessings be in abundance on all the 2010 graduates.



SIX FLAGS OVER GEORGIA has put together a perfect way to have a fun and exciting time.
For less than the full-price adult admission ticket, you will get a packed day at Six Flags Over Georgia, plus a catered “All-You-Can-Eat” meal with unlimited soft drinks and FREE parking. 

A regular adult ticket  costs $48, parking is $15 per car, food is about $16, photographs are extra. SEWA has been able to get an excellent  group rate on this package.

PLUS, everyone will receive a voucher redeemable for one FREE 6x8 photo at any KODAK kiosk throughout the park! Photos can be taken with a character, on your favorite ride and at various locations in the park throughout the day.

The special cost of the full day of FUN, food, soft drinks, rides, admission including Parking, is only $38 per person. Since SEWA has to send in the payment 2 weeks in advance – PLEASE make your check payable to ‘SEWA’ for the number of tickets you need, before July 31, 2010, and give it to Jasbir Guliani or to Rattan Bhavinani, so that we can secure your reservation.

SEWA must purchase a minimum of 25 tickets, for Six Flags to honor this excellent deal. So please ask your friends and neighbors if they would like to join you, so that we can take advantage of this great offer.

You may contact Rattan Bhavinani rattanb@yahoo.com for any questions you have, and check out www.sixflags.com

Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries

SEWA celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and Fathers’ Day with the cutting of a cake on June 26 after the Friday evening’s diwan. This will be a monthly celebration. All sangat is invited to join us again on July 23 and August 27 when we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in July and August. Please let Pinki Chahal know the dates of your birthdays and anniversaries (chahal.pinki@gmail.com or sewageorgia@gmail.com )

Job Fair

SEWA encourages those who are job seekers and those who are potential employers to take advantage of this event on August 14, 2010 at the Gwinnett Civic Center in Duluth.

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