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May 2010

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Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays, anniversaries will be celebrated every 3rd Friday of the month with cutting of a Cake.
Upcoming - Friday June 25, Friday July 23

Kitchen Construction Donations

Message from Chairperson

Jasbir Kaur Guliani

Waheguru jee ka khalsa Waheguru jee kee fateh

Many thanks to Dr Ranjit Singh ji for serving as the Chairperson last month, while I was in India.

300 years ago May 13, 1710 was the Sirhand Fateh Diwas victory of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur over Sirhind where young sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh laid down their lives for Sikhism. Baba Banda Bahadur destroyed Sirhind city and hoisted the Sikh flag. SEWA commemorated the day at your SEWA gurdwara.

(So behold the glorious greatness of the Lord, O Saints;
the Lord blesses   the dishonored with honor.

When you come to SEWA Gurudwara, you notice the heavy equipment parked in the front and back of the building, where construction for your Gurudawa kitchen is in progress.  On Sunday April 18, SEWA reached another milestone with the ground breaking ceremony for the kitchen, performed with the blessings of Waheguru  by eleven senior members of the SEWA sangat.  Sangat’s enthusiasm could be seen on every face.  

With the same enthusiasm, sangat has been contributing to the building fund. However, today we are still $35,000 short of meeting the target goal for the kitchen’s construction. I urge you to please open your hearts and wallets, so that we do not fall shy of meeting our target before the first langar is cooked. Let us serve the first guru ka langar without adding any debt on this kitchen. With Waheguru’s Grace and Sangat’s generous contributions, I am sure you will be proud in coming forward to have a debt free kitchen. The builder’s payment is due before middle of June Shaheedi gurpurab – so we do not have much time.

Best wishes to all our graduating students. Parents, please share information about your graduates and their future plans, so we may recognize them in upcoming Khabraan June 2010.

Some of you will be traveling during the summer holidays. Please have safe travels and a fun vacation. We look forward to welcoming the rest of you at your SEWA Gurdwara.

Guru Fateh,

Jasbir Kaur Guliani


Punjabi School 2009-2010 is almost over. We have had a busy and very eventful year. Many thanks to our students, parents and most of all to the enthusiasm and dedication of our wonderful volunteer teachers without whom Punjabi School could not run smoothly.

We wish our students a wonderful and fun summer, and please remember to keep learning Punjabi! We will see all of you back in the Fall.

Fall semester registration will be held in August and email updates will be sent with forms.

Chintan : On Sunday, May 23rd 2010, the SEWA Youth Declamation day was facilitated for our Punjabi School children and youth to explore and share their unique perspective on myriad elements of Sikh faith and culture. Children participated in the event by delivering speeches, poems, presentations and discussions.

Symposium : Sikh Youth Federation Symposium, will be held on Saturday, 5th June.  Updates will be provided in future emails. Please contact Dr Ranjit Singh, who will be taking registrations for all applicants.

Punjabi school email:
School website:


The Finance Committee has been focused on obtaining funds required for the building of the new kitchen. Sangat donations and pledges have added up to $165,000, leaving a shortfall of $35,000 from the cost of the construction. 90% of the bills need to be paid by June 7. Please be generous and timely in your giving for the new kitchen, so we do not have to be burdened by additional bank loans – which would mean that your future bhet would go towards interest to the bank instead of benefitting your gurudwara’s activities.

With sangat’s donations and waheguru’s blessings, we hope you can have a debt free kitchen before serving the first langar.

Sewadars continue to look for ways in which SEWA can streamline our current mortgage, so that more of your donations can be put to waheguru’s work.

PR & Community Service (PRCS)

SEWA is pleased to facilitate sangat’s participation in events as pictured below. More pictures are on

Starting in July, we plan to begin practice for SEWA’s participation in City of Roswell’s parade on Saturday October 9 with gidda, bhangra, ghatka, jal sewa etc. If you or your children would like to participate, please contact Gaganjot Singh or Pinki Chahal or email , as soon as possible. Lets make it a grand parade.

Welcome Indian Ambassador Meera Shankar

On April 30 2010, SEWA representatives joined the Atlanta community in welcoming Her Excellency Indian Ambassador Meera Shankar and her husband Ajay Shankar, on their first visit to Atlanta.
Guests included Consul General Sanjiv Arora, Congressman John Lewis, Elder Bernice King, Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos and others.

Relay for Life

For the ninth year in a row, SEWA once again participated in American Cancer Society’s - Relay for Life on April 23, 2010 at Alpharetta High School. Our thanks to Gaganjot Singh jee for coordinating the Relay on SEWA’s behalf .

After the ‘Survivors walk’ at the opening, each group was introduced with their banner. It was a beautiful evening with people walking for a great cause to raise funds to find a cure for cancer. The evening was highlighted by the luminaries lighting up the field.

Mothers’ Day May 9, flower plants were presented to 40 mothers after the diwan. Some of the mothers planted the flowers in SEWA’s grounds to add more color and beauty to the gurdwara’s landscape. Thank you, mothers. More pictures here

Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries

SEWA celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers’ Day and graduations with the cutting of cakes on March 26, April 23 and May 21 after the Friday evening’s diwan. This will be a monthly celebration. All sangat is invited to join us again on Friday, June 25 and Friday, July 23 when we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in June and July. Please let Pinki Chahal know the dates of your birthdays and anniversaries ( or )

We hope you enjoy Khabraan every month. Please let us know how we can improve it, so that you can benefit more from it by writing to us at

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